South Shore Ranch

 South Shore Ranch on Angustora Lake  
5 and 10 Acre Ranchettes

South Shore Ranch is on the south shore of the Angostura Reservoir. It’s 18 miles south of Maverick Junction, where highway 385 meets highway 79, and  approximately 23 miles into historic Hot Springs SD. 

The land is rolling grassland and is ideal horse property. There are only a few trees on the property but there are several trees along the lake shore and along some of the perimeter.

The views are nothing short of spectacular! The property is just high enough above the lake to allow some unobstructed views of the entire lake with the timbered Black Hills in the background. With the 5 and 10-acre parcel sizes and a few scenic easements that prevent another form of building where it could obstruct the view of adjoining property, most of the parcels will have building sites that can offer great views.

The beach is very sandy and is over a mile long. With normal lake levels, the beach has about 20 feet of exposed sand and washes clean.

Roads and security gate:
The roads on the property are all in and graveled and will be maintained by the property owners association (POA) If you hate HOAs as much as I do, this is not an HOA. The annual fees are currently $150 and are very difficult to raise. The POA currently has over $5,000 in it so the annual fees may even be reduced. There is also a security gate coming into the property which the POA maintains.

Easement and Trail System:
There will be a series of easements between some of the parcels that will allow property owners and their invitees to use them for hiking, biking, horseback riding, electric golf cart, and other non-motorized use. These trails will also afford those of you not directly on the lake, the opportunity to get to the lake shore and adjoining public lands by the shortest route.

Potable water can be a large issue in the Southern Black Hills, but we have a good well that produces over 125 gallons of water per minute. Each parcel of land has access to the underground pipeline from the well which is in the road right of way next to each parcel. Property owners may drill their own well or they may enter into a contract with the Fall River Water Users District which has recently taken over the entire water system. Once the contract has been signed the owners need to have a licensed contractor connect them to the water line. Under the care of the district, the system will be constantly monitored and maintained.

Septic systems:
All the property here is well suited for a septic system and drain field. One of the previous owners is a licensed contractor and will install the system for a discounted price.

All the electric lines are presently into each parcel of land or directly across the road from each parcel. Most of them are underground and any extensions of these underground lines will be required to remain underground so as to not obstruct any views and to maintain the beauty of the property. The part of the electric line that is above ground is mostly behind the property away from the lake and view of the Hills. Phone service is also available. There is also a cell tower just to the east of the property. It does not obstruct any views and provides great cell phone reception.

Protective Covenants:
It is the intent of the protective covenants to preserve the beauty of the land and the value of each individual parcel. All homes and buildings will have to be nicely maintained and no mobile homes or uncompleted homes or uncompleted outbuildings will be allowed other than during construction. The homes will have to be at least 1,200 square feet in size but a person can start out with a smaller cabin for non-year-round use. A complete copy of these covenants can be acquired and should be gone over before any purchase.

Equestrian use:
Horses are encouraged for those of you who want them. There is adjoining horse pasture for lease and other property owners in South Shore Ranch, that do not own horses, probably would want to lease their 5 or 10-acre parcel out to keep the grass down. There is ample room to ride on South Shore Ranch and adjoining public land, and as most of you probably know the trail riding opportunities all over the Black Hills are nothing short of spectacular.

Possible downsides:
There are so many positives to this property that I wanted to tell you what some may consider minuses or disadvantages to the property. All properties have what some may consider downsides. If any of these issues would prevent you from considering a purchase, you can put your time and energy into finding just what you want.

First off the real estate taxes are high in this state, but I believe that is more than offset by the fact that we pay no income taxes in South Dakota. But if you plan on building a million-dollar home perhaps you need to consider your real estate tax obligations. Actually, if you are building a million-dollar home it probably wouldn’t concern you.

Probably what most may consider the biggest disadvantage to this property is that is 23 miles into Hot Springs and 6 miles of the drive is on a gravel road. The only off-setting benefit I can see to the drive is that you are at the very end of the road. You will not be bothered by any traffic and you certainly will not hear the sounds of any highway traffic. And your view of the stars will not be infringed upon by lights. Our protective covenants forbid outdoor lights that remain on all night.

There are no pine trees on the property and very few other trees but none of the pictures do justice to the beauty of the pine-covered hills in your magnificent view from the lake property. The timbered portion of the Black Hills and it’s National Forests and public lands are but a short drive away and South Shore Ranch does border State and public land which is available for you hunting and recreational use.

Lastly, you do not own the land that actually borders the lake. It is owned by the government as is all the land surrounding public Reservoirs, and you are not allowed to build a dock. You can leave your boat on the beach for up to a week at a time and then you must move it a few feet to leave it for another week and so on and so on.

Because you do not own to the water’s edge, your home or cabin will be several hundred feet from the water but you will be allowed to take your things to the water’s edge with a golf cart or drive your car very close to the shoreline.

All the roads are in and there are some 20-foot easements between some of the properties to allow for easy foot, golf cart, or horseback access to the lake.

Part of the price you pay for owning Black Hills lake property is that there are a very limited number of lakes and most of them are very small. Angostura Reservoir is not small at all and because of the uniqueness of its size, its sailing opportunities, its fish hatchery, and its miles of sandy beaches, you will one day be owning a very valuable piece of property.

It is advised that you allow someone to accompany you to the property for your first visit. That way they can give you a good map of the property along with individual prices and they can answer any questions that you may have. Thereafter you are encouraged to come to spend time on the property, getting a feel for this wonderful area and deciding on the parcel of your choice.

From Rapid City, you go approximately 50 miles south on highway 79 to what is called Maverick Junction, (the turn-off into Hot Springs) at the intersection of Highway 79 and 385. From there you continue to proceed south on highway 385, for 7.6 miles to old highway 79. Take a right on old highway 79 and stay on the blacktop for 3.8 miles to South Shore RD. Take a right on South Shore RD (it is gravel) and follow it through all its turns for a little over 6 miles to the entrance to South Shore Ranch. (Two tall poles topped off by a pole over the top). There will be a security gate there to which you must be given the combination. Once through the gate, you will be on the South Shore Ranch properties.

The prices include the land and the improvements thereto, including but not limited to the survey (all parcels have been surveyed) water, and power to each parcel’s property line or directly across the road from each parcel. The five and 10-acre parcels range in price from a low of $39,900 to a high of $89,900. We would prefer cash but will consider selling them on a Contract for Deed with 25% down payable in 7 years or less at 7%, so long as the buyer pays all the costs associated with the CD and escrow if you as the buyer want an escrow account.

I really dislike having to put the following statement in here but I guess that is part of the price we have to pay to live in today’s world. All the information given herein is thought to be accurate or is just the opinion of the writer and is not guaranteed to be correct.